Meditation For Beginners

There is no doubt that the benefits of meditation are many. It can help relax the mind and body while enabling your energy to flow unrestricted throughout the body. To receive the desired effects of meditation you’ll need to practice regularly. People have different reasons for wanting to meditate, from getting to know one’s self better, finding a calm grounding point, to muscle and stress relief. There are many techniques and ways to go about meditation. This article will cover everything a beginner needs to know to get started.

Understanding Meditation

Your reason for meditation may be different than others but the end result is all the same. A calm, relaxed blissful state and peace of mind is the primary benefit of meditating and can be achieved in a few short minutes a day if proper techniques are followed. Although, there is really no wrong way to meditate, following a few simple steps can make a difference in your level of relaxation.

A few reasons people meditate are to improve creativity, communicate with ones inner self, to connect with the world and universe around us, following Buddhism, help breathing, back pain relief, search for peace, to help control anxiety, to help solve problems and deal with the day to day of our personal lives.

Choosing The Correct Meditation Program

A simple start is the best. Choosing the right program for your fitness level is key to relaxing and not hurting yourself while you do it. Most people begin with a simple sitting routine somewhere quiet and free of noise and distractions. As you advance in your meditation techniques you can begin to try different programs such as guided meditation, standing meditation or meditation focusing on a specific problem.

You don’t need fancy equipment or difficult poses to start meditating. Meditation is possible almost anywhere that is quiet and that has a flat surface to sit and lay on. Do your best to avoid laying places like your couch or bed. These places are not good for staying alert when meditating. Granted, you want to be relaxed but you want to be aware of your surroundings and what you are trying to achieve. When starting out you can sit on the floor, in a chair. You can also sit on your heels or sit cross legged in the lotus or half-lotus position. Sit however feels best for you. If one way is more comfortable than the other, sit in the more comfortable position.

Establish A Regular Routine

Getting started requires you to establish a regular meditation routine. Take 15 minutes of your morning to sit and relax. Start with you legs crossed sitting somewhere comfortable. Clear your mind completely and be mindful of your breathing. Close you eyes and breathe deeply and slowly. This will begin the meditation and help take you to a calm and relaxing place. Your heart rate will slow and you will soon feel the energy start to flow throughout your body. You’ll also notice your chakras will begin to clear out during this morning routine. You’ll begin to receive and give energy. This will open up the communication though your entire body.

Focus May Be Hard At First

Understand that this is a long term process and it takes frequent practice to see results. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Complete relaxation will come in time and should not be expected immediately. It is wise to not expect too much at first. Many people get frustrated right at the start because they haven’t achieved inner bliss after their first couple of sessions. This is common and should not keep you from continuing your meditation routine. Meditation takes to to reap the benefits from it and if you stick with it you will surely see the results in time. It can take weeks or months for some but the important thing is not to give up.

Stick With It

The benefits will come when you least expect in and you will feel the weight lift from your body and sudden bliss will overcome you. Your awakening and increased awareness will come when the time is right. You can increase your chances of success by finding another person or group of people to meditate with. Finding others with more experience and knowledge can greatly increase your enthusiasm and chances of success. The group initiative is stronger and can help you get through the tough, discouraging times that happen to beginners.

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