How to Increase Your Productivity by Getting Focused

Have you ever had days when the only thing that seems to happen is your spent way too much time reading blogs or on Facebook? I’ve had too many days that I couldn’t even count them. However, the challenge with so many shiny things to take our attention away, we are actually do a real disservice to ourselves and our futures.

You see, we only have 24 hours in a day. So, then why are some people ultra-successful, while the vast majority of people make a living? I believe the answer may surprise you because the successful people stay focused and take action. Sure, some went to school for many years to study a specific discipline. However, you can still have more success starting today by following 3 simple strategies.

You need to set a time limit on your tasks – No matter what you are doing, you need to prioritize the tasks in front of you. If you need to write for your blog each day, then you need to set aside a certain amount of time. It shouldn’t consume your entire day, because that is simply counterproductive in my opinion.

Another example, many people tend to spend the first part of their day on the least important activities like checking and responding to emails. Look, if your job relies on you doing that first thing in the morning, then just do it and move on. Otherwise, my belief and opinion, most email can simply wait till the end of the day to respond to. Same thing applies to social media.

I recall having a conversation with a manager of mine, who told me his method of handling emails each day. He sits down first thing in the morning for about 30 minutes to get them out of the way. Then he shuts down his email literally and doesn’t check it for the rest of the day. His analogy, if it’s really important, then they can call me in my office or on my cell phone.

In other words, get the most important stuff done first thing in the day. That way, at least you can be assured that the important parts of your business are moving forward.

Shut down all non-essential stuff – OK, what the heck am I talking about? I normally have my Skype showing as online while sitting at my computer. However, as I learn to get more organized, I realized that if I get a Skype message while in the middle of my most important activities of the day, it immediately puts a halt to my creative juices.

To stay super focused, I now regularly turn it off throughout the entire day and only leave it on in the evening to respond to inquiries or questions related to my business. The same goes with responding to the many friends I have on Skype too. I wait till the evening time to respond to any messages.

Think about it this way. If you are in the middle of writing a post for your blog and suddenly get distracted, it will likely take you several more minutes to get back into your writing zone. This is why, when I’m writing content for my websites, I simply close my office door and ask not to be disturbed for an hour.

If you work at home or in an office that allows you to use Facebook, please use is sparingly. In fact, to be productive, I would suggest you turn it off for the day until evening time. Surely, what your friends thought were interesting today, could wait for your response till after the important work has been completed – right?

Also, shut down any other distracting notifications like, email, open tabs in your browser etc. Use something like Instapaper. It provides a simple way to book mark something to read later. Again, stuff that can wait can also be turned off till later.

Stop and Pause method –  Before you get tempted to stop what you are currently working on to check your email or Twitter account, take a breath and count to 5. The reason for this is to get you out of the habit of checking those accounts every few minutes. I’ve been guilty of this stuff in the past.

However, it’s really important to get past these bad habits if you want to get into production mode. Think about if checking your email for the 10th time today or responding to some Twitter message is really going to make or break you right now.

When you start adding up all the lost time on non-essential activities, you will see how it quickly adds up though-out the day and week. Before you know it, you’ve wasted 5 to 10 hours of doing things that added zero benefit to your overall business and life.

Take Periodic Breaks – One of the ways that really helped improve my focus and productivity, was setting aside a certain amount of time to complete tasks, like I mentioned above, was then taking a few minutes out for a break. Perhaps this could be as simple as standing up and stretching for a few minutes. This can be especially important if you work at your desk all day long.

In fact, by doing this throughout your day, you will find yourself getting more done anyways.

Exercise Daily – Tips To Losing Some WeightFor those of you working out daily, keep it up. For those of you that haven’t got into the habit yet, time to get off your butt and get moving. Seriously, there are numerous studies out there that show, the healthier a person is, the more productive you will actually be.

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